Highwaymen Bibliography

The Highwaymen Heritage Trail project would not have been possible without our many contributors, supporters, and volunteers:


The Honorable Linda Hudson, Mayor

Fort Pierce City Commissioners
Rufus J. Alexander, III
Edward Becht
Thomas K. Perona
Reginald B. Sessions

Florida Humanites Council Logo

Florida Highwaymen:
Al Black
Mary Ann Carroll
James Gibson
Carnell “Pete” Smith
Charles Walker

A.E. Backus Museum and Gallery
Bob Beatty
Patricia Borns
Angela “AJ” Brown
Pat Cochran
Professor Kristin G. Congdon
Bruce Graetz
Kelvin Hair
Marjorie Cook-Harrell
Jim Fitch
Fort Pierce News Tribune
Kathleen Fredrick
Tony Hayton
Professor Walt Hines
IRSC Kight Center for Emerging Technologies
Zanobia Jefferson
Lincoln Park Academy
Gary Monroe
Mosaika Art and Design
Museum of Florida History
Sequita M. Knight
Lincoln Park Academy
Leslie Olson
Anita Prentice
St. Lucie County Regional History Center
Sarah’s Memorial Chapel
Jimmy Stovall
Doretha Hair Truesdell
University Press
Stephanie Jaffe Werner
Gertrude Walker

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Interviews by Kristin Congdon

Ivory Baker, July 23, 2012, by phone

Al Black, September 18, 2012, Fort Pierce, FL

Ellis Buckner, Jr., July 17, 2014, by phone

Mary Ann Carroll, August 15, 2002, Orlando, FL; September 18, 2012, Fort Pierce, FL

Marjorie Cook-Harrell, July 24, 2012, Fort Pierce, FL

Rodney Demps, May 17, 2014, Fort Pierce, FL

Lee Drake, July 28, 2012, by phone

Jim Fitch, February 26, 2012, Avon Park, FL

James Gibson, October 3, 1999, Melbourne; July 4, 2002, St. Petersburg; FL February 3,
2013, Avon Park, FL; August 10, 2014, Mt. Dora, FL

Kelvin Hair, August 10, 2014, Mt. Dora, FL

Tony Hayden, August 28, 2012, by phone

Zanobia Jefferson, July 24, 2012; September 17, 2012, Fort Pierce, FL

Desirae Knight, May 17, 2014, Fort Pierce, FL

Isaac Knight, May 17, 2014, Fort Pierce, FL

Lillie Knight, May 17, 2014, Fort Pierce, FL

Robert Lewis, Sr., and Robert Lewis, Jr., August 10, 2014, Mt. Dora, FL

John Maynor, May 17, 2014, Fort Pierce, FL

Willie Reagan, May 16, 2014, Vero Beach, FL

Carnell “Pete” Smith, July 20, 2012, Winter Park, FL

Jimmy Stovall, July 25, 2012, Fort Pierce, FL; May 17, 2014, Fort Pierce, FL

Doretha Hair Truesdell, July 24, 2012; September 17, 2012; Fort Pierce, FL

Charles Walker, September 18, 2012, Fort Pierce, FL

Gertrude Walker, July 25, 2012, Fort Pierce, FL

Sylvester Wells, July 2, 2014, by phone