Ellis Buckner, Jr.

Son of Highwayman Ellis Buckner, Sr. and nephew of Highwayman George Buckner, Sr., Ellis Jr. was close to his dad and his uncle, who are now both deceased. He accompanied them to art shows and watched them paint. Ellis, Jr. remembers the time he first painted with oils.

He was very young and was watching his father work on a large painting. His dad mixed a color for the sky and handed him the paintbrush, instructing him to paint on the canvas. Afraid he would mess up the painting and amazed that his father would trust him to do such an important task, he had his first real lesson. He remembers feeling powerful with that brush in his hand.

Ellis, Jr. began to take painting seriously after his father died at the age of fifty-eight. As a form of grieving, he began painting with his uncle in his studio. In 2004 he published a book about his father and his uncle. Florida Landscape Through the Eyes of the Buckner Brothers is a tribute to two men who gave him valuable life lessons.

Ellis Buckner, Jr. was a firefighter for twenty-five years until he had heart problems and had to retire. His painting had been sporadic while he worked and raised a family. He now hopes to get back to it with more intensity.