Jimmy Stovall







Jimmy Stovall started by making frames. He learned from watching many of the Highwaymen paint, including Alfred Hair and Livingston Roberts. He began painting for Alfred Hair in 1967. “He let me put in the background and the sky of his paintings, but one day I got energetic and I actually finished one of them. I thought I was going to get in trouble, but he looked and from then on, he let me paint on my own,” Jimmy Stovall said.

One might refer to Jimmy as an enthusiastic Highwaymen historian or a painter just a little too young to have been included in the Florida Artist Hall of Fame. Jimmy, however, refers to himself as the twenty-seventh Highwayman, a goal is he actively pursuing with the State of Florida.

Jimmy’s life can be told through his paintings and his love of cars. He was a long-time Highwaymen gallery owner and is the winner of many art festival awards. Jimmy Stovall is a retired electrician and an active painter who continuously strives to become a better artist.


Jimmy spent many enjoyable years painting in his garage with Original Highwayman Artist Johnny Daniels, while they talked about cars and their dreams for the future.

Twin Brothers Jimmy & Johnny Stovall

Jimmy’s mission is simple: “To capture the old Florida that is vastly disappearing. To preserve the memory and leave a legacy.” And that’s exactly what he did with an incredible mural in Hobe Sound in 2015.