Johnny Stovall

The twin brother of Jimmy Stovall, Johnny represents not the “next” generation, but the “new” generation of Highwaymen.

Johnny says he quit school in the 10th grade and joined the armed forces. “During the times when I came home on leave, my brother would be painting with Alfred Hair. I liked what I saw, but I had no interest at the time.” He explained that when his brother Jimmy starting painting again (in 1999-2000) after 30 years of not painting, he saw how he picked it right up again. So he decided he would try it.

In 2001 Johnny started painting primitive, like painting by numbers. “His brother Jimmy was teaching me, then Johnny Daniels came along and joined our group. He wanted to paint around, like they did in the old days (in a group).” Johnny’s landscape scenes are typical Highwayman with palm trees, glints of sunlight on water, white egrets and without people.

Johnny says Alfred Hair held everything together and that most of the guys who painted with him were very upset when he died. “It was like losing our leader. They didn’t know what to do.”

Twin Brothers Jimmy & Johnny Stovall