Roy McLendon, Jr.







Roy, Jr., learned to paint from his father Roy McLendon, Sr., one of the ‘Original’ Highwaymen Artists. He learned mostly by watching and experimenting. These days, father and son often paint side-by-side.

Roy, Jr. was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey, and was raised in Fort Pierce where he finished his schooling. Like his father, he was often pulled out of school to work the fields.

The family followed the harvest season, sometimes being away from home for long periods of time. Doing well in school was challenging since he missed so many days.


Born in 1955, Roy, Jr. has been painting for decades. Roy and his father primarily sell their work at art fairs and festivals. Roy, Jr. has a young son who is also learning to paint landscapes.


Roy McLendon still paints but now has a doctorate in theology and pastors a church in Vero, Florida. He is also a father to five children with his wife Carla.